Safari Stan’s Pet CenterTM carries all of your favorite small animals; from several species of Hamsters to Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and more – we have all your small cuddly animal needs covered.

Our pets are in an open petter environment so come down and socialize anytime you would like.


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds These hamsters are what most people think of if they hear the word ‘hamster’!

They are larger than most other kinds of hamsters and are well-known for having large cheeks, often stuffed with food and things they wanted to take home with them!


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds

Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are very small and look like a pudgy, tailless gerbil. They are generally very calm and will enjoy an exercise wheel.


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds Roborovskii

Dwarf Hamsters are adorably fidgety, always moving around their enclosure and keeping quite busy when they aren’t napping!


Diet: Rabbit Pellets & Hay Diet: Rabbit Pellets & Hay

Dwarf Rabbits can be kept outside, but do best indoors especially in colder climates or strong summer heat. Rabbits should be held with both hands, one under the rear and one under the chest.


Diet: Guinea Pig Pellets & Hay

Guinea Pigs are very sweet and are well known for their pig-like squeal! They are sociable and easy to tame, and develop a strong bond with their owners.


Diet: Pelleted Ferret Diet

Ferrets are VERY curious little critters! They are related to otters & weasels, and stay smaller than a house cat.


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds

Mice are some of the most common pets on the planet! They stay very small and are easy to care for.


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds

Rats are very curious little rodents! They are very social and females and neutered males can often live together.


Diet: Critter Blocks, Hay, Seeds

Gerbils are very social creatures and love to live with other gerbils! You must take care to introduce gerbils carefully as they will fight any gerbil that they do not recognize.


Diet: Hay & Pellets

Chinchillas make great pets! They are incredibly soft and are very intelligent for their size. They love to jump and bounce around and enjoy cages with ledges and levels to go between.

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