For nearly 4 years, Safari Stan’s Pet Center has worked to develop state of the art standards for its retail pet stores. One of the many parts essential to creating that environment is where we get our puppies and kittens. All of our puppies and kittens come from USDA licensed breeders.

What Does that Mean?

USDA licensed breeders

A Safari Stan’s puppy is provided with significant veterinarian care and vaccinations before it is placed in your home.

  • Commercial Breeders are Professional Breeders

  • USDA licensed and inspected by the federal government

  • Often AKC inspected

  • Subject to the Animal Welfare Act

  • Mandatory record keeping of Veterinarian visits, health checks, vaccinations and kennel protocols.

  • Mandatory housing covering soundness of construction, ventilation, temperature, adequate size, flooring, walls and safe surfaces.

  • Properly trained staff

  • Mandatory animal identification

  • Documentation of pet history

  • Compatible grouping of dogs for safety and socialization.